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House Rules

I’ve taken Karyn hostage in the elevator.
We’re going to the 14th floor,” I tell her. And I slam my fist on the button before anyone else from the lunch time rush can join us.
I knew you were going to do that,” she quips. “I could see it in your eyes.”
I don’t know what you mean,” I say
Our banter stops as the elevator doors open. The hallway is golden with the sunlight streaming in. Its so quite up here.
We look out the huge windows lining the hallway. You can see all the way to downtown, the Ziggurat, miles of trees and endless, sun drenched sky.
I am reminded of when we were first year medical students. We had a trivia night in one of the lecture halls and one of the questions was, “Sacramento is the city of ______.”
My dear friend Lawrence exclaimed, “trains! Sacramento is the city of trains!” No one really had the heart to break it to him that Sacramento is in fact the city of trees—it just doesn’t seem like it if you happen to live in the four blocks surrounding the med …

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