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I found my first grey hair last week. I tried to remove it from my head, but it has somehow escaped my efforts and just to spite me sprouted a friend. So now I have two grey hairs, in addition to my ever increasing forehead wrinkles and inability to drink more than one glass of wine without feeling like death the next day. All this and not to mention my plantar fasciitis has been acting up again.
Residency is physically wearing. In addition to mentally and emotionally exhausting, we demand a lot of our bodies, day in, day out, hours and hours on our poor poor aching feet.
Many people understand that being a resident is a sacrifice. We forgo time with friends, family and our bed in order to train. Even when we have free time we are probably studying. We delay our lives in many regards in order to fit in this training. While others are going off buying houses and going on expensive vacations we sit in tiny work rooms littered with used coffee cups and unflattering florescent lighting…

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