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How to Swim with Sharks: Revised

Based on the original 'How to Swim with Sharks: a primer' by Voltaire Cousteau circa 1974 which can be read here:
1. Assume all unidentified fish are sharks. Even what appears to be the tiniest little fish could be a shark. If you don’t know, assume it’s a shark. You will never offend a fish by calling it a shark. Sharks all look different, but they are all equally sharks. Never assume smaller, younger or female sharks are less skilled than other larger, older male sharks—the opposite is usually true.
2. Let them see you bleed. Sharks sometimes forget that swimmers bleed when bitten. Its important to let them see this normal physiologic function. Sharks often do not realize they have hurt a swimmer and are often unaware of their sharp bite. Letting the shark see you bleed reminds them they caused harm and may help a shark think twice about biting in the future or remind them of a time they were bitten.

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