Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm a Stranger here Myself

Let me get one thing straight. I hate med school blogs with a passion. I find them dull mostly (although I do like KevinMD and mywhitecoatisonfire). But it is rare that I actually care about the lamenting of medical students, particularly true now that I am one. Why then you ask did I feel the need to start a blog-- a medical school one no less?

Well you see...medical school is a weird place, filled with weird experiences, weird people, weird smells. Coping is hard. Not all the wine in the world can help us process some of the things we have to see and do each day. Seeing sick people is not even usually the hardest part...its the long hours of studying (stop reading internet blogs and put your face in a book, so help you God finals are coming). The monotony, the boredom, same faces everyday, same building, same burnt coffee from the cafe downstairs.

Since becoming a med student I feel as though my classmates and I have become inhabitants of a deserted island, unaware of anything going on elsewhere in the world. Names of movies currently playing? Couldn't tell ya. Books on the New York Times Best Seller List? Do not care. Gilligan's Island and Castaway ain't got nothing on us. Just like stranded island inhabitants we sometimes lose sight of the horizon impossible to tell where sea blends with sky, where schoolwork ends and personal lives begin. Also like people who spend too much time together in small spaces under stress, we occasionally manage to annoy the crap out of each other and in our most exhausted moments we resist the urge to go full on Hunger Games.

It is my hope that this blog help us steady ourselves, and come out on the other side of four years not a shell of a former human being but a capable and loving physician. I know I can't do it alone. So welcome to my way of coping. I hope this blog proves useful or at least funny. I encourage you all to find one way (or many ways) to deal with the incredible challenges that lie ahead. And with that, welcome to my blog, make yourself at home, drinks are in the fridge.