Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jew Me

This year Cards Against Humanity sent those who were dumb enough to give them $16 (aka me) Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah. Basically this December, 8 envelopes full of fun/stupid/awesome things have been showing up in my mailbox. My most favorite yet (mail is slow so we are still on day 6) has been vacation photos from the people who work in the factory in China where Cards Against Humanity is made. Part of the $16 went towards giving everyone who works there a week's paid vacation. 

I am also now the proud owner of the Jewish expansion pack to CAH (if you want to play with me, meet me at the Boathouse with wine and you're on). In addition to little presents, a letter of parental advice (because Jews duh), from a different dad of the Cards Against Humanity creators (all 22 of them are Jews you know) is included. Today's by Josh's Dad was just too good not to share. I love when you're just going along in life and all of a sudden you read something, or see something or someone does or says something that really hits you right in the feels and knocks you out of being your tired, overly self-involved, under caffeinated, miserly self. 

l'hadlik ner shel hanukkah

On Gratitude
By Josh's Dad

What's your superpower? Can you run faster than a speeding bullet? Can you leap over tall buildings or fly through the air like a plane? Probably not. But everyone of us does have a superpower that we carry with us at all times. It's not vulnerable to kryptonite or any comic book villain. It's the superpower of gratitude and it can empower its source as well as its recipient.

We have the ability to demonstrate our appreciation for what other persons do to make the world or our lives a better or nicer place. These things don't need to be profound events. Everyday people are interacting with you. It does not matter if you interact with them in person, over the phone or online. A "thank you" or an acknowledgment of their effort can mean the world to them. Think of the person in a tollbooth. They are confined to a five foot square box all day inhaling exhaust fumes, likely too hot or too cold. You may not be able to help them get a better job but you can make their job better. A smile and a hearty "thank you" for being here for me can make their day just a bit more tolerable. If enough folks did the same then maybe that box doesn't seem so small.

I own a small business and I try everyday to express kindness, empathy and yes gratitude towards those who work for me. It's harder to be grateful for, or even aware of, the hard work a stranger does for you on the other side of the ocean. I'm proud of the Cards guys for helping us show our gratitude to them too this year.

Just as Superman performs his feats with ease so can we. The opportunity to express your gratitude to you siblings, parents, coworkers, and strangers is available almost continuously. When you express any kind of gratitude there is almost always a reward. You often get a thank you but a smile or just a nod feels as good. We all have that power, the superpower of gratitude.
Don't let it go to waste.

---Josh's Dad

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