Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Unbreakable Vow

Can you believe it’s the last week of classes? Where did the time go? I feel as though I’m about to lose you, as our lives go flinging off in different directions. Before we get crazy with studying for the test that must not be named, we all owe it to each other to take a minute out of this day and remind ourselves of the responsibilities and commitments we have to each other.

I mean its basically like we’re all part a huge, slightly dysfunctional family and like it or not, you’re kind of stuck with us. No one does it alone (buck up my commitment phobic friends). So wherever you’re sitting right now, sign the pledge below. I promise its less of a pain than the Shiner’s paperwork. Sign it with your heart, or in your mind or with coffee or a white board pen. Sign it because doing this together is going to be way better than doing it alone.  

1.    When its late or you’re tired and you’ve been studying all day and you’re a lonely/hungry/grouchy/miserable mess, remember that 100 some odd people still think you’re pretty loveable. But maybe shower cause you’re also a little gross.

2.     We promise to never intentionally throw each other under the bus (metaphorically or otherwise). This includes but is not limited to: bringing in a paper without telling you ahead of time, stealing credit for work you have done, answering a question that was asked of you and/or otherwise being a jerk. We will do our absolute best to have your back at all times.

3.     We promise to help each other in any way that we can. You can borrow my extra pair of scrubs or my pen. Yes, you can have some of these gross fries I bought from the cafeteria two days ago. Sure, I’ll look up SIRS criteria for you. I’ll try to help you figure out how to use EMR or talk to a patient/nurse/attending. I’ll try to make sure you don’t hit your head if you pass out.

4.     If you find yourself being asked a question next year and don’t know the answer, we promise to try to whisper/ mouth/ telepathically communicate it to you if we can. There will be a million questions we don’t know, and I promise to never make fun of you or make you feel bad for not knowing something. In turn, there are going to be lots of things I don't know too. Let's try to learn together. Now what’s the Hep B prevalence in Laos? 

5.     We promise to always be available for you to talk to. No, its not weird if you call/text/message us. Tell me what’s going on. Tell me what I can do to help. Tell me what you’re feeling or how hard its been or anything else you want to talk about. We don’t mind, you’re not bothering us and its our responsibility to each other to communicate well and honestly...whatever time of day it might be.

6.     We promise to never ask you your score on any test or evaluation henceforth. You are not a number to us. Our only concern is your fun vacation plans or how you are taking care of yourself or whether or not you have more than just mustard in the fridge.

7.     If we get coffee, we will bring you some too. Its good JuJu—plus you look tired.

These are our promises. In a crazy world with an unrelenting schedule (please plan to be sick only 4 days next year, kthanks), it will be a little better, a little brighter knowing that I have your back like you have mine...promise. 

x. ____________Me_______        x. _____________You__________


  1. Signed! Also, when you bring me coffee, I'll have it without cream or sugar, thanks, luvya! -Ian Kim

    1. Love ya kitten. I'll have a no foam, half cafe, extra hot, skinny vanilla latte.